fineLINE design has over 25 years of creative graphic art & design and website/content experience. We specialize in website design and development, internet advertising, search engine optimization and marketing options, logo/print design and marketing services with extensive experience in small businesses, non-profit organizations and niche markets and their unique branding and marketing needs.


And I LOVE sinking my teeth into a juicy design/development project!


"There's a secret world that I enter into when I'm in design's a place that feels cozy to me. Truthfully, it's a dark, yet very interesting and creative place for me. I like it...A LOT! This tendency of mine to crawl inside of myself for a week or two...or more...during this phase of a project makes me rather particular about who I commit to working with on a creative level; I believe that my clients deserve every ounce of my creativity, and I promise to deliver just that."


Through years of trial and error I have discovered that the right match for a creative project is a MUST...or the experience will be less than what it deserves to be, and the process often ends up feeling stale, too stubborn or just meh. Now, personally I'm of the belief that art should NEVER feel stale or be just meh (and the stubborn part is just straight up maddening for everyone involved). I know FOR SURE that in order for me to be able to produce the kind of art that represent my clients - specifically the story that they want to tell about their business/service/livelihood/passion through the use of graphics and/or web design - in the manner that it demands and deserves that I must, first and foremost, understand, respect and accept the ebb and flow of my own creative process. So, instead of resisting or trying to force things, flowing with it allows the experience to be much more organic, real and satisfying - from both a business and personal perspective. That said, not everyone wants to allow the creative process to flow in such an unbound, natural manner; some people more "straight to business," for that to feel good to them...I get it! And, that's perfect, too! I totally respect that....AND that is exactly why choices abound in life! Everyone gets to decide what works for them. So, my "RULE" is to not force creativity - or anything, really - just to get sucked into some self-created "the sky is falling" drama. The core of the matter is that most creativity is just not receptive to such grandiose pressure, anyway.


Maybe that thought process is something that appeals to your business senses - maybe not. Either way I promise you this: if we're not jiving I will never try to force it in any way shape or form. And neither should you! In business or in life. It's as simple as that to me.


ALL OF THAT SAID, when the chemistry is right and we're liking the way one another thinks A LOT...then BAM! THAT'S some pretty damn creative graphic art, design and website work/content in the making right there! And, once we get to that point...WOW! That's when the fun begins! One of the coolest things about working with such a confident, secure and authentic clientele base is the amazing inside look into their worlds that it grants me. (It feels almost voyeuristic, to be honest. But not in a creepy way!) MAN!!! I have learned a lot of cool shit about some of the most interesting businesses and industries via my graphic art and website design work; it's the ones that don't seem like they're going to be interesting initially that end up being totally compelling! Which makes perfect sense, actually; it's the people behind the businesses that makes them interesting, not necessarily the industry itself! Which is also fan-freakin-tastic, and brings me right back around to why I'm so super particular about who it is that I decide to do my creative work with.


So, if after all of that, if you are interested in working with me on a website design/graphic art project then drop me an email. I CAN'T WAIT TO MEET YOU!!

We will have an AMAZING time getting to know each other! That is FO SHO!


PS - If you would like to schedule an appointment to discuss working with me on your graphics/website project, please fill out the contact request field below. Or...if you have a date and time in mind you can head on over to my Om-work (services) page, press the Graphics/Website Design and Marketing Services link on the left side of the page and book your appointment right then and there. (When you're ready to take the virtual plunge, you can also put down your deposit there, too!) Thanks!


*Below are websites and graphic work that I have done recently. I'll only add work that have been completed through my New (permanent) RULE process and that I absolutely LOVE!! I'll keep adding along the way!

samples . . .

Stacy Hoch, Empoweress website
The Happy Om-maker website
Pottstown FARM website

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