The Happy Om-maker journal page

December 8, 2016


Now, before you call me Scroogette please know that I adore the holiday season just as much as the next Who...well, most of it, anyway. The getting together with old and new friends, holiday parties (and holiday party duds!!), toasting to a happy, healthy and...

December 1, 2016


Why can't my body be well adjusted ... like I so desire it to be?

This is a question that I've struggled with for the majority of my life.

The other day as I googled the words "spiritual weight loss" the reality hit me that I've gained and lost the same 30 lbs ov...

June 22, 2016

A few years back I made a kind of bold household decision; I decided to grow as much food for my family as I possibly could on the postage stamp-sized yard that our old home is situated on in the downtown Pottstown Historic District. For years we maintained a small veg...

March 26, 2016

(Con't from There's No Place Like H{ommmm}e II)


What the bloody hell?! This journey had become EXHAUSTING! It felt as though I was living in some kind of self-created purgatory riddled with whys, hows, whens and what-ifs. I was hoping for a light bulb over my head mome...

March 4, 2016

(Con't from There's No Place Like H{ommmm}e I)


So, this "new and improved"-Amy-meets-the-world-show went on just like that..and for quite some time. The better I got to know this rather ballsy alter ego of mine the easier it was for me to call on her to take over. I h...

Lately I've been thinking a lot about when it was that I decided to take a hiatus from trusting myself? When did I allow myself to be led away from going with my gut ... from letting my life flow?


That question led me to other questions, as questions so often do - tri...

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deliberately and with intention; in an intentional manner

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